Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Butterfly Lovers: Wu Chun's First Movie

After all the romantic series handed to him, finally, he landed a role in a movie. Wu Chun is thrilled to be part of Butterfly Lovers since it's his first time to do an action-packed film.

Butterfly Lovers was adapted from the well-know tale of The Lovers (dunno about that, perhaps in the country where he belongs it's quite popular I guess) which the director added martial arts elements to the tragic love story.

Wu Chun plays the passionate hero who gives up everything for love (hmm, quite boring and predictable). He had a number of sword-figthing scenes (that's new!) and he reportedly risked doing 99% of the stunts much to the amazement of the martial arts director (not bad for a newbie, huh?).

Since he's playing a very physical individual, all I'm rooting for is not the story itself, but the scenes where he's required to show off those abs. LOL. I'm not really a fan of flyinh swordsmen after I saw how it was done. Cheers to Wu Chun though. I wonder what's up with Calvin Chen lately. . . Hmmm.
Oh yeah. He'd be playing alongside Charlene Choi. See them sporting their costumes.

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