Saturday, August 30, 2008

Birthday Getaway

For nine years, I have celebrated my birthday along with my grandfather's death anniversary. Yes, he chose to die on my birthday. Since then, my birthdays have not been the same. It became tradition to hold the party on our hometown which is a 30-to-45-minute ride from the city we live in. I am quite tired of the same set up already. The man's been dead for almost ten years! Could we stop this death anniversary parties and concentrate on celebrating my continued existence?

Thankfully, just days ago, my Papa said we are going on a vacation next weekend. I merely shrugged, said okay and continued solving problems on my Financial Accounting book. I got the feeling that he was staring at me expectantly, so I looked up and asked if there was something wrong. He said, "Your birthday's next Sunday, on a weekend. You got what you wish for, a private celebration and you merely shrug? Aren't you going to give me a hug and shriek 'OMG!' or pinch my arm or climb my back to piggy back you just to annoy me? None? None of the usual signs when I know my daughter's overjoyed?" I tried my hardest not to smile and said, "What's the big deal? Just be sure to give me some money. I plan to buy Stephenie Meyer's books." Just when Papa gave up on having my 'Thank You' and started heading to their room, I threw a pillow hard on his face. LOL. And shrieked, "YEY!!! OMG!!! Thank you!!!"

I asked him where we were heading next weekend and I was glad to hear, DUKA BAY RESORT. Hmm. Going to the beach is always a welcome idea. I'm gonna kayak, try the banana boat ride, jet ski, snorkel and probably scuba dive. It's gonna cost him. *evil grin* Hell yeah. So, this means, I've got to study for my exams in advance.

I'm so excited I can hardly focus studying for my major quiz next week. Seven more days to go until my birthday. Until then, I'll dream of my two-day vacation. Great!


Iris Monterona said...
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aka Procne said...

Ahahahaha!!! You want? Ayoko nga!

I'm excited na!

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