Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Signed Up for PayPerPost

If you're an experienced blogger and have been hanging around online for a while, PayPerPost may not sound new. But to a newbie blogger like me, it sounded and read appealing. With the site name alone, it sparks intrigue on the reader and I was not an exception.

Bloghopping or Blogwalking or whatever you may call it kind of developed into a habit ever since I made my own blog. I always see bloggers having posts with PayPerPost badges at the end of their entry about various topics like entertainment, family, lifestyle, computers, technology and etc. The more I saw the badge, the more intrigued I become. One day, I read this entry about what PayPerPost can do for you. When I read it can help you earn by just merely posting entries to your blog, I was like, 'The Hell No.". I remained indifferent and skeptic so I researched and asked bloggers if they do pay you. And guess what? An overwhelming number of bloggers assured me again and again that they do pay! Without a moment's hesitation, I signed up for PayPerPost!

The excitement of earning money out of your passion's too tempting to pass. That is the main reason why I joined! It's not only the excitement of earning but also meeting a lot of friends online because of PayPerPost. You exchange tips and techniques and update about each other's earnings. And before you know it, the topic branches out to more personal common interests.

When I do earn my first pay out, I'd shop for books. Hopefully, I'd be able to do that soon. It's not my first time earning from my efforts but clearly the pay online's bigger than the part time job I had then. I can't help but be excited for things to turn out my way.

Come on and join the fun. If writing's one of your hobbies then PayPerPost is definitely for you. And since you already love writing (would you ever have a blog if you don't, right?) it won't feel like you're working for them at all! How cool is that?!

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