Tuesday, July 22, 2008


School's insanely taking much of my time. As expected, the upcoming prelim exams make us want to scream, "TORTURE!!!" Nevertheless, they're leaving us with no choice but to follow their despotic rule. Students' voice come last when it comes to negotiating prelim exam dates and deadlines for requirements. This week alone, two exams have already been scheduled for the same day next week. Then there is this English paper requirement due next week too! And I can't leave out our first major exam covering, take note, four lengthy chapters.

We are not only pressured academically. Apparently our annual Accountancy Week is inconveniently scheduled on prelims week. Though I don't have classes this Wednesday, I can't utilize the time for making my English report and study if there's still time left, for the soccer baseball championship's on Wednesday and I am one of the players (naks naman! yeah..we made it. GIVE WAY seniors, we'd pull you down! haha). That leaves weekend, doesn't it? But hell, I can't have all the time too! With our small population, I was forced almost incessantly to represent the junior year for the Oral Interpretative contest. They leave me with no choice. I'd hate to see random people eying me nastily for not having the team spirit. (GO TEAM, eck!)

I hope to remain sane next week. I'm dying to while away watching movies, TV shows and read a decent book!

As for now, I study and study and study and cross my fingers to still pass the exams next week. I'd be all too happy to see a passing mark.

PS I won't probably post anything for a while.

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