Sunday, July 13, 2008

Twilight Coming to Theaters on January '09

the movie poster

The cast

I can hardly wait for next year specifically on the first week of January. I have expressed my obsession over Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series in my recent posts and I am thrilled to know they're doing a movie.

Every Twilight fan's anxiously waiting for it and I AM NO EXCEPTION (well, except for my best friend who's disappointed with who's playing the role of Edward). Well, to be honest I was too especially when I saw this cover on Entertainment Weekly plastered in my friend's blog. Edward looks like a ZOMBIE not even a HOT Zombie for that matter (NOOO!). Oh wait, perhaps an American version of a kabuki performer's more appropriate. Notice the hair on Pattinson's chest area? Didn't anyone think of waxing the hair?? Puhlease! I am soooo pissed with the lousy cover! And look at Bella. She's supposed to be girl-next-door and she appeared to be one of those Beverly-Hills-blondies (minus the blonde hair) whose world revolve around fashion, gossip and men. And THAT'S SOOO WRONG!

However when I saw the movie posters, Pattinson seems okay for the part. I'll keep my fingers crossed he'll portray EDWARD CULLEN'S CHARACTER very well or else.. or else.. Oh crap! I'm sure every Twilight fan (there are millions around the world) will bombard him or the producing company with hate mails and will eventually protest on the streets. Haha. Fine, too exaggerated. Still, who knows?


Beajai said...

OMG! Why does Edward look like he just came out of a casket?! He's supposed to look pale-HOT!!! Not pale-DEAD!!!!!

Ugh, I'm dreading that release.

Elliot said...

I have been an exchange student to Korea under ASEAN last year. I'm currently in the Philippines; really hoping to return there soon.

Shankar Mudaliar said...

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aka Procne said...

@beajai: are you referring to the EW cover? the movie posters look okay. I got to see the trailers first. Perhaps I'll post the trailer here.

@elliot: oh. exchange student? COOL! Like all expenses paid? Wow.

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