Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ako Si Kim Sam Soon Blunder

Why can't our TV stations in the Philippines conceptualize new shows than remaking foreign hits. When it was announced a month ago that GMA Network's going to adapt the award-winning korean hit, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon(now known in Filipino TV as AKO SI KIM SAM SOON) I already expected a major blunder. And folks, I WAS RIGHT!

To start off, the lead character's too fat and constantly wears a kabuki-like make up (NOOOOO!). Giving the lead role to the 'Asia's Songbird' Regine Velasquez was a VERY bad idea (puhleez.) who, in my opinion doesn't have a decent experience with acting. No offense to Regine Velasquez's fans, but her attempt to give justice to Sam Soon's comical character is just soo effing forced. What the hell were they thinking?

Okay, enough with the negativities. I just hope they'll do some revisions with their concept and come up with decent ones for the succeeding episodes.

There are certain actors and actresses though who effectively inject humor in the drama. And, how can we not take into account the eye candies of the show? haha! I'm talking about Marc Anthony Fernandez, Hayden Kho and Wendell Ramos. At least I have something to look forward to.

The comeback role of Marc Anthony amused the audience. Like his hotness ain't enough, he's rival to Sam Soon's heart is no other than regular TV hunk, Wendell Ramos. Oh wait.. There's more. How can we ever ignore the real-life doctor hottie, Hayden Kho. I know, I know. Dr. Hayden's taken (to someone who's waaay older than him too. CRAP!) still his meek, boy-next-door look is oh-so cute.

PS I have nothing against Regine. I just don't think she's right for the role.

PPS The theme song's still the one used in Kim Sam Soon's dubbed version aired in the Phils a year or two ago but this time (of course, what can you expect) it's Regine's version.


CyNurse said...

it's just not bad acting. i think the directors, producers, and writers are the ones to blame for such a poor adaptation of MNIKSS.

and geez, the fat-suit, makeup, and wardrobe is ghastly. maybe they confused My Name is Kim Sam Soon with 200 Pound Beauty and/or Betty La Fea.

aka Procne said...

Now that you mentioned it, it's more like a cross between 200 pounds beauty and Betty La Fea.

you think My Girl's kind of more decent than MNIKSS?

Sedna said...

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aka Procne said...

Wow. Thanks.

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