Sunday, June 22, 2008

Woodland House

Studying four hours straight makes me go gaga so I needed a breather. Since, I have no idea what to do online (aside from blogging) I availed of stumble upon.

And, I was amused to see this site: It featured an extraordinary house. It's incredibly bizarre, cozy and likely mistaken to be taken out of a fantasy flick. The house is a cross from hobbit holes (LOTR) and that goat's house in Narnia

the front

living room

at night with candlelights

custom-made windows


Yeah, yeah. Some rich bastard's spontaneous urge to spend money on something useless.?Nope. You're wrong my friend. Believe it or not, some weirdos actually LIVE in it. Yup. You read it right.

Woodland House's got residents! Would you want to live there? And wake up everyday feeling your in some fantasy flick's studio? That'd be COOL! Haha. Neighbors, passers-by and visitors might want to get pictures. What's more, get paid and have magazines and TV shows feature your house. Now that's some wise investment.

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