Sunday, June 22, 2008

Procrastinating.. AGAIN!

From my previous posts, I promised myself to be diligent with my studies. Go figure! Here I am, lazing around again and writing an entry to my blog.

It rained hard all day yesterday!!! And man, it was freaking cold. To others, it might not be cold for their standards BUT when you have a poor tolerance to cold; dude, you can't blame me if I just stayed in bed and almost slept all day.

The funny thing was I PROMISED myself, I'd dedicate the whole day for studying. Haha. Look what I'm doing now.

I'm back to school again tomorrow. The weather should improve by then. Cloudy skies won't be a bother to me. In fact, it's my idea of a perfect day. Not really a fan of sunny days. If you live in a tropical country like mine, YOU CAN'T STAND THE HEAT. Walking around school's like hell. Man, I've always dreamed of having four seasons. Who wouldn't want a WHITE christmas, build snowmen, have WINTER clothes, play snowball fights and getting stucl at home drink hot chocolate? Watching people on TV bundling up for winter makes me jealous each time. Ironic huh? For someone who's got poor tolerance to cold dreaming of freezing out of her wits in the snow! haha.

Oh well.. My only hope of having a winter experience is to WORK ABROAD! Yey. Europe WAIT for me! Haha. Wishful thinking. Or earn loads of money and go there on a vacation. I'd have no problems with regards to lodging, I'm sure my best friend will adopt me for a month, IF NOT, I'd invite myself to her place NO MATTER WHAT.

*procrastinating, daydreaming mode*


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