Sunday, September 2, 2012

You Make Me

Typing notes on my phone is a habit. I put down in writing how I feel at the height of it. It means more when emotions are raw and you just write feverishly. 

When you just write, caring less for coherence. When you write to just unload. When you write to an audience composing you and you alone. When you write, hopeful of a future when you won't find it painful anymore.

 And I found these on my old phone while I was browsing through old notes and unpublished drafts of this blog. These were written way way back in college, even earlier. Now that I can look back devoid of anything but amusement, I can finally post it.  More to come? Maybe. 

"I will never see you again. Not in ways I used to. When I see you, things would have changed. You and I. And a million other things.

But that's okay. Neither you and I can control it. It just happens." 

But what triggered this sudden inclination to publish what I would've dreaded to be known to the world years back? I had this dinner with a friend last Friday and we had this nostalgic trip down memory lane. She inspired this. She made me want to actually have them all read. 

By the way, I also had a very interesting week. One boring day at the office, I did something spontaneous. That spontaneity makes me smile silly just thinking of it. I'm smiling still at how random and surreal this all is. What are the chances that you find someone so similar and so engaging? Strange. The kind of strange that feels good, that thrills. 

So, how was your week?


Chyrel Gomez said...

I write to keep me sane and the near equivalent to memory is writing.

Stephanie Lam said...

It's fun to find old writings and scribbles. PS. Thank you for stopping by my blog!!


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