Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Unlove Me Not

A month ago, I discovered I Wrote This For You. Beautiful weaving of words, so poetic and poignant. You find a collection of random love letters written for no one in particular. I find the style of writing unassuming. I love how the author plays with words so simple and straightforward. Most will find it unnecessary to open a thesaurus. And yet, even so, the writings are teeming with emotion.

Here's an excerpt of one post:

"...hate is anger over something lost, hate is passion, hate is misguided, it's caring for the wrong things but it is still caring. But unlove, unlove is to unkiss, to unremember, to unhold, to undream, to undo everything that ever was and leave smooth stone behind in its wake. No fire. No fury. Just nothing. And that is worse than hate."

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Chyrel Gomez said...

The weather's pretty gloomy and maka emote man sad ta ani magbasa oi.

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