Monday, August 27, 2012

You and I, Some Irrational Love

"Don't you worry there my honey, we might not have any money
But we got our love to pay the bills"

I was watching My Girlfriend's Boyfriend when I rediscovered this song again. The song played while Jessie got married to Ethan, a writer she met at a cafe. She chose him over Troy, who co-owns a lucrative advertising company. Ethan takes her to parks while Troy takes her to fancy restaurants and exclusive romantic getaways. She was confused who to choose. Ethan is safe and fuzzy, the type you can easily cuddle to on a rainy afternoon while he reads you a book in a peaceful drone almost lulling you to sleep. Troy on the other hand is attractive, confident and driven but who feels like a continuation to nothing. He's right at the moment. He's seductive. You're drawn to him but you know at the back of your mind, this intense attraction will fizzle out to dying embers. He does not feel permanent, as of the moment. You are then tempted to risk it, to find if this could somehow last. Either Troy or Ethan? But like any other movie, heroine ends up with the safe guy, Ethan. But there is this twist at the end of the movie, that will surprise you though. Didn't see it coming too. So go check it out. 

But really, if hypothetically you were Jessie, who would you have chosen? I would've chosen Troy. I always take things rationally, weigh my options over and over again. I'm a confessed cynic and for once I'd love to try how it is to love feverishly and irrationally. Yes,  I might end up having my heart broken but it will surely be one for the books. At the very least, I have a story to tell to some random stranger at the bar or cafe.

To love because you just do. To love not because he or she has something for you or you to him or her. To love just because.. In this practical, materialistic world? I hardly hear someone do it anymore. 

So anyway, I gotta run. Meeting my best friend later for coffee before she leaves for Paris. I just bid farewell to one of my good friends a week ago, now, again for another. Ciao. 

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Chyrel Gomez said...

This movie sounds interesting. Have fun with the send-off. =)

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