Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our First in Nuat Thai

Yesterday's news was very disappointing. Our team's outing was postponed until further notice. I saw it coming then. Preparations were last minute. Even so, I hoped against hope it will push through. But alas, it just didn't.

We were supposed to leave early today for Bolinao, Pangasinan but I found myself watching movies. It's a good thing, Marianne and I planned to get a massage. I bought this membership from Regine Spa in Metroclub. The membership came with discount coupons; really really good deals. If your office is near Metroclub I suggest you buy too. However, I was foolish not to check the spa's store schedule. They only open on  Mondays to Fridays. 

And so, we decided to try Nuat Thai Makati. It's a ride away from Rockwell. It's easy to find since Nuat Thai Makati is located along Makati Ave., near A. Venue.

When we got into the store, we were greeted with a very Asian interior and a mix of lavender and peppermint smell permeating the air. There was also a large and comfortable couch for guests to sit on whil waiting for an available masseuse. 

Packages were very affordable. It was my friend Marianne's first time to ever, ever get a massage her entire life so the receptionist suggested Swedish. I opted to try out their foot massage. We paid Php 600 all in all, Php 350 for the Swedish and Php 250 for the foot massage. Nuat Thai offers other services ranging from Php 150 (for 30 mins massages) to Php 680.

They wash your feet with a refreshing peppermint scrub! I loved how pampered I felt while we talked on and on but it was cut short as I was ushered to a separate chamber. 

How was it? I loved their service. Nuat Thai have these lazyboy chairs you sit on. The masseuse put heat packs on my neck and waist. She massaged my hands a bit before proceeding to my tired feet. I was also treated to quick back massage after. 

Will I come back to Nuat Thai? Definitely! I will bring friends. You should visit soon too because I plan to drop by very soon tagging along a troop of friends. :) Nuat Thai Makati is for everyone who loves to get pampered without spending too much. 

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