Friday, June 8, 2012

Initao Forest Park

Ah, the beach; one the many things I constantly miss about home. The accessibility to Mother Nature. Anyone can decide last minute to head to the beach just to watch the sunset.

When I got back home, I made sure I dropped by sans dipping in its cool waters under angry Mr. Sun.

We were initially heading towards Midway Beach Resort the popular white sand beach resort in Initao, Misamis Oriental but when we arrived to a flock of people playing by the shore (apparently there was a big, big family reunion) we decided to visit, Initao Forest Park and do some trekking.

Walk around towering trees, with some older than you are. You hear birds chirping as if singing you a welcome song. You hear the flap of their wings as they play, flying from one tree to another. You hear sounds of other creatures too.

Here overlooking the ocean. I just watched a kid cliff jump! Crazy. I wanna try but I'm afraid I'd drown or most probably hit head on rocks below. The idea of cliff jumping though is one for the books. Must do that somehow someday.

Got down closer to the beach. 

Oh yeah, you can opt to go explore the caves. Yes, caves. I was with folks, and they are not as adventurous as I am so we went off to visit the centennial tree. 

The tree's roots are huuuuuuge. I know it seemed pretty old to me but sometimes I wonder, how they came to know of its age? Dad said, the rings. But I saw no ring.. Hmmm. If you know, let me know. Just curious. 

And here we are, heading back to the car. A blurred family picture of us walking. 

If you wish toe visit, Initao Forest Park is an hour away from Cagayan de Oro. From the airport you take a taxi to Bulua Terminal. Fare will cost you around Php 350. One way airconditioned bus to Initao will cost you Php 120. Inform the conductor that you will alight in Initao Forest Park.

Entrance fee is Php 10 for adults. You can camp if you want just bring your own supplies. The other side of the park across the road offer tree top adventure with zip line meandering from tree to tree for Php 250 for the entire package already. Cheap, eh?

I am against camping in the forest. Scary. I suggest heading to Midway Resort, camp by the beach under the stars, be lulled with the soft waves crashing... 


Umi said...

The place looks really nice! I wish I could visit there sometime. :3

ruru-chan said...

yeah its nice .. and at the same time it also offer some adventures >> in the caves :)

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