Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Duchess of Cambridge and Her Happily Ever After

The royal wedding ceremony with all its traditional rites was tiringly lengthy yet vshe showed (both of them) no signs of exhaustion. She looked radiantly happy walking towards her Prince. 

I was young, very young to care to watch Princess Diana marry Prince Charles. I kept seeing her in news clippings and magazines my mother religiously bought. Their wedding was a grand spectacle. From the pictures I saw how luxurious and extravagant everything was. For a young girl, Princess Diana's bulky wedding gown was dreamy; the kind that you could only wear in dreams and fantasies and seemed to only exist in the fairy tales I read. I grew to love her everything I read about her. I became a fan  like my mother. Most were. The whole world was and still are. 

The media loved her and incessantly stalked her. Paparrazis trailed her every move, people adored her charitable endeavors and women admired her impeccable style. She always arrived crisp and fashionably stunning. This is the kind of image the Duchess of Cambridge is expected to fill in. People always liken her to the late Princess Diana. And for anyone, it must be a heavy burden to take. Still, she married her Prince. She knew the sacrifices she had to take yet she walked down that altar knowing when she marches out she becomes public property. 
I do not in the least bit envy her. How would you feel if people incessantly tag you, the commoner who married a royal? Duchess of Cambridge or not, history will mark her as the commoner who married to the throne after 350 years!  Royalty equates wealth and luxury but with that comes self-sacrifice; to serve, to always be prim and proper, to be a model, an icon, to be always guarded, to be a public property, and to be socially isolated in your huge castle filled with elaborate large rooms that are virtually empty. I do not wish for a life like that. You live in a different world. I imagine it'd be really hard to be yourself. It's like being in a golden, gem-encrusted cage with the whole world watching you. 

But aren't royals more like celebrities? Good publicity, it always boils down to that. After all, the curiosity and marvels behind royalty attracts millions of tourists to visit London. That rakes in money for the British government. 
After Princess Diana the obsession for British monarchs slowly dissipated. Well, Prince William and Prince Harry's charms kept it afloat for years but still it was not as much as the rave during their late mother's time. It did not help that Prince William's hairline started receding. The Prince is not the hunk he was years ago, have you seen his thinning hair?? Okay kind of off topic but I have to bring it up. He's what? 29? 30? And he's balding? The Duchess has got to do something with that. As for Prince Harry who always sports the glint of mischief in his eyes, makes me melt still! In the balcony? He stole the show! Or it's just me.. can't help it!

So anyway, I believe the commoner-marrying-into-royalty scheme (if it ever was but thinks and hopes not) helped restored the popularity of British monarchs. Coz this time I have more interest in Monaco's princes and princesses. Now all eyes our turned to London. Thanks to the new Duchess Kate!
The balcony kiss however brought back that dreamy girl lurking inside me, the girl who firmly insists and believes that any woman marrying her love deserves a happy ever after. 

Maybe they will. They are good friends after all. Good friends usually make good lovers. To the Duke and Duchess William of Cambridge, BEST WISHES!!! The whole world will now start obsessing on your wife, her trips, her clothes and all. 

sources (photos) here, and here

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thechyrelgomez said...

Haha! The last line kinda hit me bull's eye. good friends usually make good lovers. :)

haha! speaking from experience lang but it wasn't really a happy ever after like william and kate. it was good while it lasted. :D

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