Saturday, January 8, 2011

Holidazed No More



Well yeah, took me a week before posting one.. School was the culprit. The first week wheezed by in a flurry of activities -- exams, reports, thesis and IA presentation. Shaking off my holiday intoxication was hard, damn hard. First day of class made me miss the holidays at once!

HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU DEAR READERS! It's been a joy to be a part of the blogging world. Blogging has never been this fun, easy and profitable. Looking forward to another year filled with posts, my online log of memories. I like to back read my posts. Reading them amazes me on how I used to perceive things way back and how things were. 

2011. I HOPE IT'LL BE MY YEAR. The future is uncertain but I hope only for the best. Significant life-turning events await me this year. I grow more and more restless each passing day. Whenever I think of the coming months, my heart races with a surreal mix of excitement and anxiety! It's mind-blowing! 


College graduation. Hopefully, it happens in less than two months. I need to get through a number of exams, thesis defense, mock job interviews, and pictorials to get the piece of paper I have toiled for 5 years! The end of a chapter and start anew with one. The company of friends I have now will surely be missed!
Board exams. I AM PRAYING FOR POSITIVE RESULTS! All those sleepless nights gotta pay off. All those, I pray, will lead to three initials at the end of my name. (please, please, please God)

Reality. The real world starts when you have to fend for yourself. Starting a career, love the career I'm in and be an actual adult. Scaaaaaary but exhilarating. I am curious to test myself. I wanna try living away from home, be responsible for the chores and be financially independent. Sounds easy saying THE plan but I am sure it'll be hard for someone who grew up comfortably well-provided by the folks. 

Travel. To actually travel and not just PLAN it. I long to backpack in Asia, explore different countries and cultures one at a time or be crazy and go on a spontaneous road trip with friends without worrying the folks might worry on my whereabouts! Just travel and have a good time!

Loosen up. Never had been drunk my entire life. A hang over is unpleasant and painful, the result of partying too hard the night before. But I want to try it all the same. 

    2011. You better be my year. Pretty please. 

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    more luck for this year! embrace!! <3

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