Saturday, December 25, 2010

Spying Comes Easy With Key Logger

What was your childhood fantasy? Everyone has, I'm sure. Most answers for females involve princesses in a beautiful ball gown swept away by a dashing prince and living happily ever after. Blame it on Disney's Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. At one point I did too in my efforts to fit in with other girls my age. But, my number one frustrations involved a lot of action and adventure, dealing with a variety of gadgets, guns and ammo and a lot of physical exertion. I badly wanted to be a secret agent. Sadly, those flashy and techie things used by agents were either sci-fi or impossibly expensive.
The speed of technology innovation made it possible for these spy gadgets become affordable and 'usable' by plain Jane's like me. I was stumbling through tech sites when I landed on a page promoting a product called a key logger. Fantasy suddenly became reality when I read through what their key logger product can do.

Are you dying of curiosity what one does with one's computer and laptop? As parents, do you want to check on your kids activity online? Want to retrieve instant messages and SMS even after deleting them? Gathering evidence for a legal battle? Well, one device can do all that without leaving any trace and evidence behind that you spied on them. Seriously! I can totally do James Bond on any day. If I have it, I can annoy my older cousin who picks on me by retrieving his password on various sites and perhaps tweak some stuff that would surely make him regret he ever pissed me off. 


Hussein said...

i was drinking Nesvita cereal drink when I read the line "i badly wanted to be a secret agent." HAHAHA! I almost spilled it. really. I just can't imagine you fantasizing about Jolie's role in SALT. :D

aka Procne said...

hahahaha. so what? i've always fantasized about being a secret agent. can climb walls, dodge punches, kicks and bullets with ease, jump high, load guns and ammo like its an everyday thing.. and all that jaaaazz.

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