Saturday, December 18, 2010

Movie Review: Give In To Me

I'm gonna make you see
I'm gonna get to you
You're gonna give in to me

I just came home from a tiring yet FUN FUN Christmas Party with my block mates. And I came home listening to this country take of Faith Hill's Give In To Me by Leighton Meester and Garrett Hedlund. It's for their upcoming movie, Country Song.

Their rendition is so addictive, I'll have this on repeat before I sleep. So, so gentle and alluring to anyone who hears.


ana b. said...

Definitely a sweet song.

shalla said...

oooh i love that song! ♥leighton!!! *drools*

uhh... the movie is very different from the book. i kinda hate the movie because it didn't do the book any justice. i might say PJO is a bit harry potter-y. but the author's writing style and sense of humor is definitely... worth reading.

aka Procne said...

i haven't seen the movie yet i just loved the song. I melted and swooned the first time!

Hmm, i will look for the book and give it a try.

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