Friday, December 3, 2010

Adorkable Gong Yoo

The massive success of Coffee Prince put him on the pedestal as one of the most bankable actors. in Korea. His bashful smile sent fan girls around Asia sighing! I, included. 

After a three year hiatus from his mandatory military service, he's back! No, unfortunately not with a drama (I know, I hoped for one too) but with a romantic comedy movie up for release soon. In the movie, Finding Kim Jong Wook, Gong Yoo plays a character who operates a business tracking down first loves. A woman hires and takes him to India in search of Kim Jong Wook, the man who she can't get over with. Of course, they fall in love in the process as in every drama/movie. Predictable.

Hilariously quirky woman + aDORKable Gong Yoo + RomCom trumps the predictable plot! I cannot wait for its release. ;p

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Jeleena Jimenez said...

I wonder. why Filipinas are fascinated with these korean lads? They shouldn't have have that much of attention from filipino/as. whereas they degraded us about our grammars etc. I guess its fair enough if we do not engross ourselves to them.

Just an advice. hehe! But they're really cute. I can't deny that fact but I loathe them. lolz

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