Saturday, November 27, 2010

[PHOTOBLOG] Dakak Beach Resort

Kids. How they love making 'ugly' faces. It always turns out cute.
Zion and Paul making the customary pose in front of the resort logo.

 At the lobby watching our things while they prepare our cottage. 

It took a bucket of sweat to get to THE cottage. Room was okay.
But totally not worth for what we paid for. 
Might have loved it more if it was overlooking the sea. 

  The beach. White, powdery sand. Soft sun rays. 
Perfect for a day out splashing in the sea. ;p

 Sumptuous dinner buffet!
Unlimited butter oysters. I ate to my heart's content.
The strawberry mousse was yummy too. 300 bucks was worth it.

Cultural dances and songs were presented as we ate.
Although it cannot compete with our very own IPAG in school,
It was pretty decent. Foreigners absolutely thought so too.

Breakfast buffet before checking out.
Next in agenda is Dapitan City.
Home to Rizal Shrine and Fantasyland.
Ah, amusement parks. The kid in me can't wait.

Dakak was memorable. Not only was it a family trip.
And spending quality time with my cousin Zayra and nephew Zion.
We also got a cameo role for Boy 2 Quizon's new gag show.
To be released this December. Of course, we took pictures with him.
Never mind mine. They were blurry. Damn his staff who took it.
Boy2 was super fun, down to earth and unfussy.



oh wow dakak! nice photos! and wow yummy dinner eh! i wish i can visit this lovely place again! my family and i went there when i was still a kid.. i couldn't barely remember anything! :)

aka Procne said...

the place is so much better than before. and the food was awesome! worth the bucks you shell out. its best to go there on fridays for the cultural shows.

welladaynne said...

hmm..I haven't been to Dakak..but I'd love to visit maybe next year..:)

Glocal Girl said...

yummy... this all looks amazing. Haven't been back to the Philippines in years, I need to!

Luv from Holland,

aka Procne said...

@wella you have to. it doesn't cost much if you don't stay in but make sure you avail of the buffet.

@glocalgirl. You should make that visit soon!

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