Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fell Asleep To Your Beating Heart

like a drug i took the walk back to your door
i had had enough but i always want more
there was something i was needing.
something you were keeping
Brendan James, that was breathtaking. Every word, every syllable uttered was so beautiful I got intoxicated.


lucas said...

Glad you liked his music too... watch all his live performances at Vevo. He's really good, isn't he? :)

Try to watch OTH again. One of the best ever.

aka Procne said...

Yeah, I did. The video you provided was from his Vevo channel. loved all his songs. Every single one of em was sincerely and soulfully delivered.

Imma borrow dvds from friends so I could watch one to three episodes a day! ;p

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