Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Finance, I'm Officially Done With You

I CANNOT FREAKING BELIEVE IT! I PASSED BOTH NERVE-WRACKING FINANCE SUBJECTS THIS SEMESTER. When I saw my professor's name in my email inbox, I anxiously took a deep breath. I opened it and frantically looked for my name and beamed, I PASSED. I barely made it which made it all the more sweet!

The two-week abstinence from facebook was worth it. Try giving your account to a trusted friend, let her change the password and NOT tell you after some time; that way you cannot access your own account. The only way you get updates is from reading your email for notifications sent by Facebook. Really really effective on exam weeks.
CONGRATULATIONS to ACCOUNTANCY CLASS BATCH 2010 for making it on the CPA BOARD EXAM.  We were rooting for a topnotcher but we're given none. But, we are overjoyed still. Among the first takers, almost all of them passed; unfortunately except for one. However, the latter did not actually fail but received a conditional  status. One measly step closer! Fight! Because of this, our school ranked 4th on the Top Performing Schools list released by the PRC. 

*Sigh* Pressure for Batch 2011. Lez do dis!

1 comment:

ching said...

congrats to you. haha giving up something addicting may bother you at first but it's all worth it.

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