Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Esno!

You should know, I went the extra mile to get there on your birthday. In the last four years I had in college, it's the first time I ever had myself enrolled in one day! Okay, technically, I had a hand from a classmate who finished everything and was sweet to refuse a small monetary gift for his efforts. THANK YOU KELVIN! You're a savior. Shoulda took a photo of you holding my COR.

Food was just great. I mean, if you're famished (arrived at the pool resort at 1pm) any food tastes extra delish! The setting was intimate because she only invited a few friends over. The area we found to stay was far back, giving us privacy and seclusion. It'll be a pain listening to the guy on karaoke near the entrance. Puhlease.
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ESNORAH! Teenager no more. Fret not, we feel you.

Oh Esno! You and your CLASSIC expression.

They say birds of the same feathers flock together. We flock together because we're young and pretty and smart and SEXY! Let's drink to more years of joyous occasions, blissful careers ahead, hot hot boyfies not to mention loaded with moolah, growing old gracefully and long years of friendship. *BIG GULP*


For all you know, summer ends soon but for me, it has just started. More pictures of good times to come! Can't wait for Jesther's beach party bash although he says it's OUR party. But whatever. MIDWAY BEACH RESORT, I will sink my feet on your white shores tomorrow. *excited grin*

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