Tuesday, January 12, 2010

MTRCB Suspends Showtime

There goes my noon time habit. Thanks to Rosanna Roces' derogatory remarks on teachers, the hit show gets a 20-day suspension.

Here's why..

Apparently Osang (Rosanna Roces) threw a degrading remark against teachers when one of the contestants failed to answer a question about Jose Rizal. She told him to curse his teachers for not teaching him so. Also adding that the teachers are mere repeaters only teaching what they were taught, not what they are supposed to teach and what they have inferred from their learnings in school. In spite of co-judge Vice Ganda's redeeming comment on teacher's being merely humans making them susceptible to mistakes and the show's self-regulating move of removing Osang as one of the judges, MTRCB slapped them with the suspension effective immediately.

The show appealed for the reason of lack of due process of law. That the MTRCB did not allow them to defend themselves and air their side of the story. But despite this, I commend the MTRCB for the swift action taken. For a show watched by general patronage, Osang is not a good example for kids who watch the show religiously everyday.

Showtime is indeed a great show to watch when one wants to destress from work and in my case from academics but I believe that the suspension is just about right. May the staff choose their judges more carefully.

PS it seems like wherever Osang goes, trouble always follow.

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