Tuesday, January 12, 2010

American Idol Says Goodbye To Simon Cowell

It's confirmed. Simon Cowell confirmed it himself in a press conference. He has his own show, The X Factor which will air in the US around f
all of 2011.

Why can't he just do both? He said they had considered it but thought it impossible.

American Idol without Simon Cowell is not American Idol at all. Even Ellen DeGeneres cannot fill up his place. I know its too early to say but hey. Simon Cowell is Simon Cowell. That's just that.

First Paula Abdul stepped out, now Simon goes too? And this duo, in my opinion, makes the show entertaining to watch. American Idol should do something.


darksphere said...

OMG. no paula + no simon?? now i'm not excited for american idol anymore..

aka Procne said...

The staff should do something. And I read somewhere that Victoria Beckham's gonna be one of the judges too.

isabel said...

bati na kaayo if wala si simon. tsk. tsk.

hindi kaabang-abang. hahay. :-(

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