Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dear God. THANK YOU.

Wha! Browsing through others' blogs made me realize I don't have a New Year's post.
So I made a collage of some sort of the memories I am grateful for in 2009.

The THANK YOU LIST! For You Lord.

  1. For my life. For the air I breathe in, for the sights and smells I experience everyday. For the comfort I have now that others don't have.
  2. For the gift of family. I have both parents and an adorable brother in spite of his mischief. It drives me crazy but life without him would be boring.
  3. The relatives! The cousins and aunties and grandparents.. and you know..
  4. The sets of friends that I have. For high school friends who remain true and loyal to me up to this day, my college friends who accompany me in my crazy journey in school, and other friends.
  5. For my home. For providing us with food and clothing. for the new laptop I am using now and my new phone.
  6. For our trips around the country and in HK and Macau.
  7. For letting me graduate last March.
  8. For giving me another year to look forward to.
There are many, many, many more. But fitting them in in this one post is but impossible.

I pray in this new year, I can accomplish more and be a better person. Let me serve for Your purpose. Allow me to see through Your plans for I am only human and my mind is incapable of understanding the wisdom behind everything happening. All I ask is the wisdom and the strength for me to face it all and emerge triumphant with Your guidance.


PS kind of late for a new year post eh? but as they say.. better late then never. Ayt?


(gosh. i just had a depressing post down below. this might mean I'm kind of okay? I wish. I should be)


isabel said...

late greetings te jade here in blogspot, hehe. happy new year! :))

aka Procne said...

Better late than never right?

Thank you. Happy New Year!

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