Friday, June 26, 2009

Farewell to the King of POP

My phone beeped nonstop this morning but instead with morning greetings, I was surprised to read, "Micheal dies at 50," to which I would have quickly replied (given I had phone credits) with, "This is some kind of a joke right?" But no. The news was confirmed. Michael did die today at 50 reportedly due to a cardiac arrest. Mysteries surround the real cause behind his death. Others claim it might be his physical overexertion in his rehearsals. But official statement is yet to be released. With 50 series of concerts up his sleeve, his death shocked the world. It appears his comeback is delayed for enternity.

I didn't tsk-ed as much as I did with Heath Ledger's death. What with his numerous plastic surgeries (his face? don't get me started) and 'preference' to the company of children? Unfortunately I had to write this post. Michael is forever part of my childhood. The moon walk? Pft. Had innumerable attempts to mimic it. Ten years later I STILL CAN'T DO IT!!! Back in sixth grade we danced to his 'Thriller'. When I was ten his songs kept blaring on our cd player along with Metallica's. My personal favorites are 'Bad', 'Remember the Time', 'Beat It', 'Billie Jean' and 'Rock With You.' I listen to them and DAYDREAM I'm doing the moves in front of my buddies just to get them jealous. It adds to the ASTIG factor that time. Haha

But anyway. Goodbye Michael. I LOATHE the pedophile in you and you face FREAKS me out BUT all these I forget when I listen to your songs. THEY ROCK.

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