Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sandara Park is now DARA?

The new Sandara Park aka DARA.
Sandara left Pinas without much of a buzz in the media. Her popularity in Pinas ended as quickly as it started.

But her journey back home in Korea brought her new hope. As YG Entertainment took her in. Now she's part of one 'promising' group coined as Big Bang's girl version, 2NE1. However some thinks without their senior group they couldn't make it on their own. Considering Sandara's aka Dara's far-from-stellar voice, this could be another short stint to fame. But hey who knows, this could be her big, big break.

Their song for an ad reportedly gained massive popularity in Korea. But it was too digital. Many are still skeptical if they have the talent to survive show business.


Anonymous said...

haha na shock pud ko.. dara jud! hahaha! well i like her intro sa lollipop. catchy kaayo nga song. let's see kung mapanindigan nila ang pagiging female big bang.

isabel said...

im sure, if she comes back here, dumugon na pud na xa, lech! Koreana.nech! hehe. Gwapa jap0n xa.

aka Procne said...

yeah i know. sad. She only left Pinas for awhile and twas a splash of water to the industry. She ain't talented at all.

Her acting was effin crappy.

Mon said...

i find her really cute. i saw that loliipop video. it was fun to watch, i think. hehe

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