Saturday, May 2, 2009

Beat the Heat.

With ICE CREAM!!! YUM. *slurps*

Yesterday was terrible. The electricity went out around 8am, part of their routine maintenance. My arms ached from fanning in an attempt to cool me down. However, when the lights were supposed to turn back on around 5 as scheduled, the company claimed the insulators (whatever its vital role to make all things work and end my own version of hell) broke down, we had to excruciatingly wait for hours. Everything went back to normal around 10.30pm!

I'm not this usually grumpy. But. I was out with my resources. No TV, internet, Ipod and phone (both their batteries UNfortunately drained). With Ipod and cell phone, I could've fared well. *sigh* May it never happen again! God forbid. Living in the mountains therefore without technology is not my cup of tea. Thank you.

Sheesh. Look at how inconsistent I am. Talked about ice cream and now you read me ranting about the hell I experienced yesterday. Have you seen that commercial on Selecta's Gold Series? Gosh. The second it ended, I felt the urgent need to try all the flavors! I took all the chance I can get to buy one rather find an excuse to convince my folks I NEED one. Even when I just bought a pint of Magnolia's Ultimate Chocolate (my classic fave) and had it all to myself. Fattening, yeah. But ice cream's my Achilles' heel. My weakness. Especially when it has something to do with creamy strawberry and CHOCOLATE!

Nevertheless, despite the initial disapproval.. As always, I got what I wanted. Even more. They bought two flavors - Chocolate Truffles and Berry Strawberry! Yay! Will try it tomorrow. Can't now. I'm afraid my tummy's too full to accommodate more food.


isabel said...

haha...yum! makasuya! more on juices and shakes ko this summer.ΓΌ

aka Procne said...

they're not cheap. I bet the chefs' names caused the hefty price tag. It's worth it though. LOVE their berry strawberry creation. Luscious.

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