Monday, October 6, 2008


Funny how you make promises to yourself and you end up making pointless yourself. I have a point! I promise. Earlier, in my accounting class, I promised myself I'd bore myself to death with studying for out quiz this Wednesday starting at 8 pm. It's half past 8 which means..uhuh. It boiled down to doing NOTHING and browsing silly pictures online. Well, I did not intend to browse unrelated pictures or articles to my course. In fact, I only planned to check out my mail and shut myself in my room. Ha!

It's always been like this. When it's 2 weeks away from the semester break, I cannot prevent myself from thinking of activities to do during break. OVEREXCITEMENT folks can be very, very distracting especially when you know your best friend and other friends' classes are ending a week earlier than yours! UNFAIR!

My classes don't end til 21st. Sad. On a positive note, I'm done with two subjects thus I can use up the time to either study other subjects' lessons in advance or while the time with movies and series. The latter sounded more appealing. Hmmm. I shouldn't be doing this. *sigh* I should be solving problems, my future depends on it. *sigh*

Fine, one more hour and I'd surely lock myself in the room and STUDY (yeah right).

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