Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mitch Hansen Band..thanks for TWILIGHT HOUR

So, I'm back for almost a month of hiatus. Pardon my lazy days of posting things on my blog. It's just that the school stress is getting to me you know. Junior year ain't a joke anymore.

The thing is, yesterday, as I was reviewing my notes for our pol sci exam (yey!!! I'm overjoyed. NO pol sci prof to go to class to!!!) my block mate sent an sms. She was a fellow Twilight series fan so I guess there's no use saying what it was all about. BUT, I INSIST on you knowing.. EDWARD's Lullaby! Right, in the book, it was purely instrumental BUT THANK GOD ALMIGHTY, someone thought of actually composing a song not just with Edward's Lullaby but a whole lot more. And the pure genius behind it? *drum rolls* the Mitch Hansen Band!!! Omg. Their album, Twilight Hour, contains 13 songs (correct me if I'm wrong) inspired by Twilight books. Gosh. I mushed and allowed myself to go overboard with the soppiness. LOL. The nostalgia overwhelmed me that I felt the strong urge to read all four books all over again. Darn! I totally forgot. Mia borrowed all my books (well, Twilight and New Moon actually. I stiil have to buy Eclipse and Breaking Dawn). To divert my attention and stop all the book flashbacks, I had to watch 'Death Race' to get it out of my system. Haha. Vampires can be addicting you know.

I can't be too selfish not to share my new obsession. Listen to the songs on my playlist. Of course, my personal favorites are 'Lullaby', 'The Last Thing', 'Stay With Me' and 'A World Without You' (not in the playlist tsk tsk). Lullaby is of course inspired by Edward's lullaby for Bella and 'Last Thing' is from the third book; about how Edward felt when Bella finally said yes. I know, I know. It even surprises me that I can get this CHEESY. lol. To all Twilight fans there, go on and go all mushy!!!

Twilight Hour

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