Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yoon Eun Hye Graces Marie Claire Korea

Is that a hot vixen I'm seeing? Since her Coffee Prince success, her boyish look definitely set a trend in Korea and perhaps in other parts of Asia as well. Let's say she's the Demi Moore Asian counterpart. Demi also brought women in the world to chop their hair off in her 'Ghost' movie where she sported a boyish cut a lot like Eun Hye's. Now, next to doing Joinus (see my previous post), she's gracing Marie Claire Korea's magazine cover as well. Marie Claire took her all the way to London just to do the photoshoots. Cool.

What amused me more is this one picture where she looked a lot like Lee Jun Ki. Haha. Though, I must say, I'm digging the pink nails and the pink lipstick. It looks good on her. The weird parts are the hands. It appears like they're not her hands at all. Hmmm.. I wonder. Photoshop mishap? Marie Claire can't afford to make this photos less than stunning.

See?? Haha.

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