Saturday, August 16, 2008

LIPGLOSS: Pinoy Gossip Girl

Oh My G!!! This is soooo not happening. Wake me up please. This has got to be a nightmare. Meaning, when I wake up I'll realize it ain't REAL!!!

MY NIGHTMARE? Filipino version of Gossip Girl... LIPGLOSS (by TV5).

I may not be a fan of Gossip Girl but this is annoyingly disgusting to watch. The trailer itself is cheap, the cast of characters is full of pretty faces that can't act. And man, what's with the freakin name? The imitating is bad enough but can't they think of a decent name for the show? And what's all this crap with trying to be insanely rich? Hey, in case they haven't noticed, we live in a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. Since Gossip Girls feature designer clothes, this Lipgloss crap would feature what? Penshoppe? Bayo? Bench? Puhleease. They've gotta be kidding me. Right? Right? Sh*t! The shame.. The shame...

*Breathe... Breathe.... Breathe...* Okay. So I regained my composure a bit and lemme introduce you to the THIRD- WORLD -VERSION-crappy-looking LIPGLOSS. It's set in a fictional school Linden High and the Pinoy celebs to star in the show are: Maxine Eigenmann, Saab Magalona, Rodjun Cruz, Mikee Lee, Fred Payawan, Sam Concepcion, Kevin Lapena, Cheska Ortega, Mary Grace Perrido, Czarina Suzarra and Mikki Hahn. I see, you've noticed. KC Concepcion's not playing the 'Serena' character. I guess she's decided not to star in it coz she can't bear to show her face to her French friends or something.

So what dya think of the trailer? Makes you lose face huh? Those who thought about this are definitely worsening the negative connotation foreigners give our race.

Nakakabad trip!

*Thanks to Beajai for informing me about this and Bryanboy for the video.

LIPGLOSS: Pinoy Gossip Girl


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The trailer sucks.

The show would most likely suck too. They`re wasting their time on this. F them.

Honey Andrade said...

Pinalabas ba 'to talaga?
Sorry naman, delayed reaction ako... Hahaha..

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