Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lee Jun Ki: Tough or Not?

It's no secret Lee Jun Ki always looked, uhm, how do I put it nicely.. oh yeah, effeminate! Let him grow a hair, surgically put boobies, wear trandy clothes to wrap it up and I won't be surprised if he'd pass as a gorgeous transvestite. Wait, scratch that, WOMAN!

But on the September 2008 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine, he's roughing it up. I've read several negative reactions saying he didn't pull it off and that there was no point trying he still looks gay. Hey!!! Unfair! Just look at the pictures. Look closely. That's pure hotness captured on film. Haha. Stalker. LOL.

Still, tough or not, he's got the hots. (i'm a fan.. hmm.. which explains the defensive rants! Lol)

What's with the 'I'm a Creep'.. Messed up the whole thing!

Click pictures to for full view.


Beajai said...

He looks soooo HOT! I don't care if he looks effeminate. That's part of his charm!

aka Procne said...

Notice the pic where he's holding a cigarette? Doesn't he look a lot like Joo Ji Hoon?

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