Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hawthorne Heights - Rescue Me

Hawthorne Heights is HOT and the rest of the world thinks so too. If you love Fall Out Boy then this band is for you.

I love them. You gotta purchase their new album, Fragile Future or if you're on a tight budget, look for downloads online. For sure, stalking fans posted it already before it even hit the stores.

It's so sad their band member Casey died last year. A pity he never got to relish his band's success. Hawthorne Heights made a few albums before this but not one made such a buzz in the music world. May he rest in peace.


01. The Business of Paper Stars
02. Rescue Me
03. Until the Judgment Day
04. Somewhere in Between
05. Sugar in the Engine
06. Desperation
07. Four Become One
08. 231
09. Disaster
10. Let Go of Everything You Know
11. Corps of Corpses
12. Come Back Home (Reprised

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