Saturday, August 9, 2008

Gladiator Shoes Are Love

I'm obsessed with gladiator shoes. Dunno why. I have never been stalking shoes online before. Well, except for Chucks. But, I was never the kind to search and search and click on shoes online just to ogle on them. *sigh* Now I understand why my Mom spend loads on shoes. They're a fashion staple, women obsess over them and though we may already have a hundred pairs in our closet we never seem to have enough. Am I right? Haha.

Meanwhile, come and accompany me with my obsession with these photos of gladiator shoes below. You just got to have them.

Don't they look like they're crying out to you? Make you want to grab them right now? Ugh. Shoe hunting's more like looking for the right jeans, no. perhaps more like searching for the right man.

Perfect pair = Happy = Self-esteem boost = the need to flaunt!


Beajai said...

I love them too Jade!!! I have one. But I want more!!!

aka Procne said...

Ahahaha. I have one too but like what you said, I WANT MORE!!!


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