Friday, July 11, 2008

not a boring day

Yesterday was one of the best days I had this semester. Gosh. A lot of interesting things happened today in campus.

To start off, our English professor turned up earlier than usual and announced in class she won't hold any lecture in light of our school's 40th Charter Day Celebration. Yey!!! We can boy-hunt all we want around campus for 3 hours before the next calss! *evil grin* So as I was saying, when our prof went out, everyone was in a rush to get out too. On the way to our college grounds, Steff's admirer/stalker freakin' eyed her like he's gonna eat her up! FREAK! And what's worse? This thick-faced guy followed us towards the canteen and even asked Steff if they can talk. What the H!? Steff was like shocked and annoyed but since she's a nice girl she turned him down 'politely'. If I were her harsh words would've gotten out already. As usual we scolded Steff again. She's tolerating the guy's fanatical devotion to her and that's not healthy. It's not healthy when he already thinks she likes him too! And what's more disturbing is the fact that his whole block thinks he and Steff already has a mutual understanding between them. What an annoying jerk! We convinced her to talk to him immediately and clarify things. And boy was I glad when she finally mustered up the courage to face him.

After they talked, we were bugging her for the details. She said, it's fine he's not going to bug her anymore. Haha. GOOD! And we all laughed (call us evil, I don't care) when she recounted what she said to him. It goes like this, "Can you stop already? Are you blind? I don't like what you're doing at all." The guy even had the nerve to ask, "Is there something going on between you and Balt?" And Steff said, "Obviously. And it's not your business anymore. Okay?" And the guy was like, "Can we be friends then?" and held out his hand. What happened next surprised us!! Steff said she bluntly told him she has to go and walked away without a word. Ha! We never imagined our own cutesy-nicey Steff can do and say all of those things at all!

Wait. I'm not done yet. The guy didn't stop there. He sent Steff an SMS. It went like this, "Am I cute? So I'd know if I'm marketable to the girls around?" Hahahaha. He's sick. He really, really needs help. I'd be glad to notify our university psychiatrist. Oh wait, I'm not even sure if we have one. Pity. Haha.

Fast forward to 6pm. We headed towards the canteen to buy some food before we go home. But, Lynn and Mj saw one of their friends and decided to stay for a while. Since I know their friend too, I sat down and talked. In the midst of our excitement of recounting what happened earlier that day to April (Mj and Lynn's friend) her crush suddenly walked up to us and thrusted three candies! April was dumbfounded and everyone of us was speechless. He caught us off guard. Damn! The moment he walked away, we screamed like lunatics. We knew April was feeling giddy and everything and we teased her like hell! She was holding it in but she gave up when we continued to tease her again and again. She was smiling like a lovestruck fool.

My day didn't end there. I still met up with Camay. We ate in a bakery near school, talked, giggled over silly things and reluctantly said our goodbyes when it was getting late for dinner.

By the time I came home and ate what was prepared for me, I checked my mail and planned to post something BUT I saw my best friend was online! Haven't talked to her for a while and I miss her already. So I figured posting an entry can wait. I'm glad I IM-ed her. Haha. We spent a loooong time talking about TWILIGHT (yup, she read the book too!!!!) and of course, we spent more time talking about EDWARD CULLEN. The sweet romantic VAMPIRE! We can't get over how appealing Edward is. And how we wish he's for real. Yeah, we both have something in common, we're weirdos. We tend to fall in love with fictional characters! Haha. And almost always, we always argue about the most nonsensical things you can ever imagine. So chatting with Beajai's never a boring thing but always unpredictable.

Can't wait to see her again. :D She says she might come home next Christmas!

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