Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Twilight, finally!

To my dismay, I woke up to my Mom's incessant calls for breakfast. It was a dreamless slumber; as soon as I stood up my body yearned for more sleep. But I knew too well, ignoring my Mom's not a very good idea. She'll probably yell at me and rant about how lazy I've become when girls my age should have an early start to help with household chores. Listening to those rants first thing in the morning is not a good thing to start the day.

So when I finally got out of the room I headed towards the dining table. My Mom was already emptying her plate and brought her morning coffee in the living room to listen to some good music. I said my good morning in between coughs. She eyed me across the room and said, "You should go to the clinic. " I groaned. It was too hot outside and heading downtown to the clinic under the blistering sun's not at all appealing. So I told her I got tons of essays and reports due tomorrow and complained how demanding and tyrannical our profs can get. I was relieved to see her shrug and nod in consent.

Yipee! This means I can laze around all day. I can finally read 'Twilight' by Stepehenie Meyer. Online reviews and my friends pronounced fascination for the book intrigued me for almost a month. I'd have to wait for my turn since NBS (our only source of good decent books) ran out of stock.

Well. I devoured the book the whole day. I was a BIT disappointed. Unlike the other books I read I didn't have the 'hang over'. You know, the feeling you get after reading something that has drawn you intensely to its story unwilling to let go wishing it's for real?

However, it's not like I'm saying I don't like it at all. I do, really. The love affair between a mortal and a vampire dazzled me. I can't blame Bella if she fell for Edward! Hello! I'd risk my neck too if I come across a boy (or should I say man since he's almost a hundered years old) like Edward. It'd be stunning to see someone having a Greek god beauty, brawns and grace roaming the hallway and surprisingly have him as a Biology seat mate (how convenient). His mystery's utterly mesmerizing. Who could have guessed this antisocial hottie's a dangerous vampire? I can't blame Bella if she was immediately drawn and eventually fell helplessly in love with a sweet monster like Edward. Though he never planned to fall for her, he did. It caused him days of painful deliberation for he knows that no matter how much he feels strongly for Bella he might be too weak to restrain his thirst for human blood. Even if he and his family abstained from human blood for years, it never stopped his fears from the danger he can cause Bella; not only from him but to the other monsters of his kind as well.

But Bella was headstrong. The more he evaded her, the more intoxicating she becomes. And so, their story begins.

Looking forward for Book 2: New Moon.

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