Monday, June 30, 2008

Unexpected Email

I had this class adviser in my senior year in high school who was soo fond of our section. Normally, a teacher in our school is never given the same class to handle. Which means, after one year, she'll handle a new batch of students for the next school year.

To everyone's surprise, she came in, surveyed the class and said, "I'm still your class adviser. I'm supposed to handle the same class but I expressed my intention to handle you again this year." All of my classmates cheered with glee. Everyone seemed to like this teacher a lot. I was a transferee from another section so I had no idea why they have such a professed fondness to this teacher. With a wave of her hand, everyone settled down and she spoke again with a teasing smile, "I can't leave you on your own unless I am sure each one of you graduates. I love this class even though you guys are always in trouble. Mga KITI-KITI." 'Mga Kiti-Kiti' means in english as mischievous, talkative, and rambunctious.

No wonder, my new classmates love her. And I in turn became fond of her in no time. Among all teachers, she was the one who understood us more. She smiled and laughed at our mischiefs. She let us be loud and rambunctious when other teachers scolded us again and again for being disrespectful. At times when we felt sooo down and stupid, she reminded us about our intellectual capabilities. She once said, we get low marks because we don't study at all. Ma'am had soo much faith in us.

So, when she emailed me, I was thrilled. Seeing her name in my inbox made my day. It's been three years since we lost contact yet she did not forget to ask me how I am.

I wonder how she got my email address though. Oh well, screw that!!! She cares, until now. So, what else matters?

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