Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kim Sam Soon Fans, REJOICE!

I love Kim Sun Ah's funny antics in her hit korean drama, MY NAME IS KIM SAM SOON. Overseas fans will be delighted to know she's got a similar MBC drama showing now in Korea. Like her previous drama MNIKSS, "Every Night," is a romantic comedy as well but this time it's about an arts scholar, Kim Bun Sang (Lee Dong Gun) who has the hots for older maid, Hur Cho Hee. Sound familiar? I do hope Kim Sun Ah plays a different character here though because if she plays a pastry chef again, which is close to nil, it'll disappoint her viewers BIG TIME.

So anyway. Kim Sun Ah's stars with Korean hottie and ex-boyfriend of Han Ji-Hye (Sweet 18) Lee Dong Gun in this hit drama.

Perhaps another hit?

*pic clips from her recent drama

Sources: Popseoul

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