Saturday, June 21, 2008

School Starts in Two Hours!

Ugh. I can't believe it. My major class will officially start this afternoon and I'm still not in my proper mind set. All I think about is SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER. Two more hours to go and I'd be compelled to prepare for school. Choosing what clothes to wear and heading out under the scourging sun are torture themselves. And when I do get to school, the real thing begins. *SIGH*

I know, I know. I'm already in my junior year and there's got to be no room for stupidity and procrastination. Old habits should be thrown out. Striving to be a diligent student MUST be my priority now. I can't afford to flunk my major subjects now, last semester I nearly got kicked out. I don't want to undergo the same pressure anymore. It stressed me out like hell. Waiting for the results and knowing the removal exam I took was my SOLE chance tortured me for weeks. When our professor kept delaying the exam and results, I vowed and prayed that there'll never be a next time. Day after day, I pondered on how to break it gently to my parents IF I failed and what new course to take. Breaking the news to my folks is easier compared to the thought of shifting courses. Though being a Certified Public Accountant was not my long treasured dream since childhood (in fact I wanted to master Literature and proceed to Law) I have learned to make it my goal and failing to pursue that goal kinda depressed me. However, by the Grace of GOD, he gave me a second chance and I'm hoping I won't blew it this time.

Shocks. If only there was a way of knowing what my future might be, what a single mistake can do to what lies ahead and what choices I should make to have things turn exactly how I wanted them to be. But, all I can do is pray, work hard, be good and ask God for guidance and trusting Him to take the wheel and guide me.

BEST LUCK to me for this semester!!!

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