Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cambodian Kid Pets 16 foot PYTHON

Once, twice or even several times, you called someone your best friend. The type that you can call at 2am and ask for any kind of help or simply bugging her/him since your insomnia just won't let you sleep. With your best friend around, you need not pretend, you need not hold back saying things you don't normally blurt out with just someone else, and you feel comfortable and at ease as long as you're together. What if your best friend's a snake? I'm not referring to the figurative meaning of a 'snake' but the ANIMAL snake? And let's say, it's size is about 16 feet, would you still feel safe? Would you be at ease knowing it can betray you when its natural wild instinct overrides its domestic traits? You very well know that when this happens, there's no turning back with your life at stake. For goodness sake, the snake can crush your bones and eat you whole!

A Cambodian kid however takes these horrifying possibilities lightly or ignores it even. Yes folks, it's true. A seven year old kid befriended a 16 foot snake. They share an unusual bond of friendship which started when he was still 3 months old. The boy's mother claims their son played with it when he was still learning to crawl and adds that they often slept together in his cradle. As a parent, she was worried of her baby's welfare so she took the snake away and released it in the wild. However, after weeks, the snake came back. Since then, they've decided to keep it and named it CHAMREOUN.

Up to now, the boy and snake remain inseparable!

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