Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Missing My Friends.. Big Time!


here with soysoy, I miss annoying her big time!

mia, me and camay. they're just unspeakably loyal and wonderful.

dahl,maan and me. dahl, my confidant, faithful bud and maan. nothing compares
to her uber-funny, company!

*sigh* Dahl, one of my closest friends, sent me an SMS this morning. She wanted to have lunch with me. Unfortunately, priorities come first and studying for my quiz this afternoon is one. Although, it has only been a month or two since we last sat down and laughed like hyenas (yeah, we're a bit loud) I feel like we haven't seen each other for ages. The occasional bumps we have in school ain't enough. I MISS HER A LOT. Not only her, but my other close friends too.

College never really sank in when I was in my first and secondth year. Now that I'm on my junior year? Man, you need all the focus you can get to receive your hard-earned diploma. Funny how we used to think graduating from college is light years away.

Reality check: In less than two years (for four-year courses) or three years, we'll forever have to say goodbye from droning professors and queueing to get our scheds controlled. Tempting, huh? Get away from school. Still, how can you leave out the moments spent in between classes talking gossip, watching people walk by scrutinizing what they're wearing, laughing hard in the college lounge, endless photo ops, meeting up wtih old friends, BOY-hunting and MIMICKING professors' disturbing habits in class. By the time we leave our comfort zone, I'm sure we'll be wanting to go back.

So anyway, as I was saying I miss my friends. I MISS THEM A LOT.

Our schedules just don't agree. When I don't have classes, they have and the other way around. Gosh. Guess we'd have to schedule meet-ups. Things we're not used to doing. Coz, like me, my friends are spontaneous too. :D

Looking forward to teasing and having playful banter with Camay. Annoy Soysoy. And hang out with Maan and Dahl. Trade Korean, Jap, and Taiwanese drama flicks and series with Mia. And from there, anything goes.


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