Thursday, May 31, 2018

Hello and farewell!

Hello, how have you been my anonymous reader? Not that anyone's reading, really. A lot has happened since. I've had a swell time in those short years spent in silence here in blogosphere. Since then, I left my first job in audit, enjoyed (and still is) the perks of living alone, lost a dear Aunt to cancer, climbed up the corporate ladder, a lot of weddings and christenings in between and also, some sad and happy farewells with friends who chose to be thousands of miles away. 

And then, I also met Monching. He came when I resolved to forge on life, alone. One day, I met him at the cinema and I swear, the crowd faded. No, there was no music. No fireworks. No nerves and anxiety. Just the warmth of familiarity. The familiarity of home. It's a gamble but I am overflowing with hope and optimism for the future! 

I am turning 29 and I am at a happier place. Still hungry to do more but, happy. 

This is also to say farewell. I am moving on to a newer journal. Hopefully, more useful and filled with better insights and content. 

Thank you. May we meet again in a better place. Cheers! 

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