Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Iligan Bloggers First Meet and Greet

It's amazing we already have an official group for bloggers here in my city. Props to those who initiated the idea! And it is also sad, I joined when something prompts me to leave my city to the concrete jungle I call, Manila.  Nevertheless, I am thrilled!

I initially didn't intend to go at the last minute. The meet-and-greet happened at the busiest weeks of my summer. I volunteered for GK and constantly ran errands to take care of important documents I had to bring to Manila. At Aruma, my friend convinced me to go. I was thinking, I'd be super duper late. He said it'll be fine. And so I went, 2 hours late. As I've guessed, they were on the last part of the program when I stepped in. Needless to say, I was extremely embarrassed! I was not in my usual perky self. I was testing the waters. Observing those around and looking for a kindred spirit. I think most of them were. Everyone was friendly and talkative though most of them only met each other online. 
 I heard other bloggers didn't make it. Either they're too shy (sad coz they missed out a lot what with the events we're invited to cover) or had other previous appointments.
Free food for all. They offered me cupcakes, chocolates and a drink however I was not hungry and I was reserving my appetite for the family dinner at home with our relatives.
See? Already exchanging pleasantries. It helped some were rather chatty and that others knew each other way back; any trace of awkwardness that comes along with the first meeting quickly dissipated. If ever there were it remained imperceptible. At least to them, I WAS AWKWARD COZ I WAS LATE. I should have been more chatty. I was not myself. Thanks to multi-tasking and going to a three appointments in 5 hours. I arrived late in each. Bummer.
Our official photographer for the night is a smiling, adorable kid. When she snapped a picture of me, she smiled! I thought I scare off kids! Really, I have the face that appears snobbish. It sucks coz really I'm not. People get the wrong idea and almost always pleased to know I'm not when they get to know me more. I try to reaaaaaally look friendly but alas, I get the same first impressions each time.
Even if I embarrassed myself for being the LAST to arrive and the FIRST to go, I say it was worth going. I cannot wait to cover events as part of this group. And let all the world know that MINDANAO is contrary to what others think, is a beautiful place to live in.


herroyalbleakness said...

Aw, I know how you feel about other people being so elusive when they hear 'Mindanao' in their itinerary.

Your place is beautiful, pretty much because of the beautiful people in it, eh? Haha, nambola pa e. It sure looks like you guys had tons of fun! And ang dami nyo I must say! Notice how most Manila bloggers meet up to a fewer number of peeps. Your meet and greet was a success. Thanks for sharing.

Wella said...

Wow. Cheers on IBS's first meet up.:) Are you going to review in Manila?

aka Procne said...

@herroyalbleakness THANKS! Mindanao is truly a great place to live sans the rebels and hot zones. Keep away from them and you'll do just fine

@Wella YES. YES I AM!

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