Sunday, April 17, 2011

Solara Swimwear

Oh, sweet sweet summer. You signal hot lazy days lounging by the beach with women subtly showing off their bikinis that they starved for days to fit into it! 

I love summer, always have! These summer swimwear collection is nothing short of fab! They're simple but strikingly playful with colors and sexy. I imagine beach bums can't help but look your way. Introducing, SOLARA SWIMWEAR by Maggie Wilson-Consunji and Sandra Seifert. 

Great things are often hatched during spontaneous occasions; and in the case of beauty queens Maggie Wilson-Consunji and Sandra Seifert, a sunny afternoon over barbecue and drinks lead to the birth of Solara, a fresh and trendy swimsuit company.

Originating from the Spanish word, sol, Solara traces back to the owners’ immense love for the sun, sand, and tropical lifestyle. Having very little background in business, both young and budding entrepreneurs are nonetheless driven by their overwhelming passion and belief to consistently deliver fashionable, functional, and high-quality swimwear with a distinct Filipino flair for every woman. ----from their FACEBOOK page. LIKE them now to get first updates.
Price starts from Php 2,800+. Frankly too expensive for me. Take from someone who buys bikinis for no more than Php 650. Quality, classic style and popping colors meshed together ain't cheap. Who says? Well unless if you buy yours from a thrift store...and risk your privates get infected with whatever the previous owner had. shudders. 

Going to the beach is off the plan for my summer now. If I do ever set foot in one it won't be in some fancy resort. Hence, I'm just here to drool. BOTH on the products and the models. Coz when I do head off to the beach this summer it'd be to just hang out and get dirty with frisbee!


// krissy ♥ said...

Too expensive for me, too! Thank God for inexpensive swimsuits from Tomato and Cinderella ♥ But I agree, they (swimsuits and models/ owners) are really pretty!

And no, I can never wear a swimsuit bought from ukay LOL!

aka Procne said...

IKR? but reviews say they fit like gloves.

I shudder looking at women diving their hands through mounds of undies and brassieres at thrift stores. Like seriously woman, you don't know where that came from.

thechyrelgomez said...

Haha! I don't even wear swimsuits but I might as well buy one but not this one. Sana when we buy it we look like Maggie or Sandra. HAHA!

aka Procne said...

@chyrel Noh? Sana nga! Pero the first pic is friendly to those who need some parts to cover.... ;p

::dyan:: said...

Jade, do you have something for.. uhhmm,,,,you know... flat-chested girls? haha :)))

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