Monday, January 17, 2011

Presentation Overkill

Dooney and Burke sling tote. Stole it from Mom!

The green ranger. 

Thrifted Mary Janes for under $3!

Leopard dress. Bitchy corporate.

Eager audience? Hope so.

tribute to Yoon Seul character of Secret Garden Kdrama. 

The team without Ali. 
Yes, I'm graduating. There, said it. Jinx and all what the heck. I'll graduate come March. Hell week really is hell. I'm at my busiest. Juggling reports and presentations with thesis while trying to pass exams and quizzes.

Profs don't give a heck if you have less than two months to finish your thesis, unfortunately. 'Coz these presentations seem endless. They keep coming and coming. I have never made two powerpoint presentations in a week my entire life. Tweaking on animations, slide transitions, powerplugs - or basically anything that could give my report the pizazz occupy most of my time. That's okay though. I'm getting the hang of things and I cannot be pleased more to see the improvement of my powerpoint report after report! Yosh!

What's good with these reports is dressing up corporate! Yep. The only thing I look forward to. Girls. Despite me being a busy bee, I cannot let my blog be un-updated for long. So, I took a breather, ranted, er, wrote, and pondered upon the up haul of my site. I read a couple of webhosting reviews and is seriously thinking of hosting my own domain. Hmmm. Perhaps, when all things settle down!


// krissy ♥ said...

I love leopard prints, so may I borrow your dress? LOLJK :D The ring is the perfect touch :)

aka Procne said...

Shoulder the shipping! And then, ship it back. I'd let you borrow. LOL

I know. the ring was a steal at less than php150!

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