Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Going Gleek.

Almost, that is.

It. Is. So. Gay. Forgive me for the use of the word. I cannot think of an appropriate word to describe the series on its first season. And the lead, Rachel, did not help at all. Her huuuuuge mouth and tongues while she talks and sings is distracting and annoying. I did not survive 10 mins of the show on its first season before I exited the video. 

But, this time, Charice is in it. So. Yeah. Watched it. Totally. 

Charice is introduced as Sunshine Corazon. I cannot help but WTF-ed. No matter how many times I say it, it still sounds awkward. I won't get used to this name. So, Corazon is for the late President Corazon Aquino and Sunshine is for the late President's color? No brainer. Every Filipino can guess that. We understand her being nationalistic but couldn't they have thought of other names? Being introduced as Filipino is already enough. (Ranting, ends here.. )

What did I think of the pilot episode? Hmmm, no worries. No spoilers here. For someone who just started to watch the series? It wasn't epic. I loved the Billionaire rendition by the new guy, Sam, though. Apart from that, it was so-so.

It takes time to get used to Rachel and her huge, annoying mouth ad tongue.. okay everything about her. Aaah, the pains I go through to see Charice.

And Mike. And Sam. Yup. I already have crushes in the series... which makes things all the more bearable with Rachel.

Mike Chang aka The Other Asian, gets to speak more than two words this season. Ain't he cute?

Meet Sam. Huge mouth but not distracting unlike Rachel's. Looking forward to seeing more of him. The Billionaire rendition was awesome!

Want to watch Glee 2 episode 1? Click here for the links. Enjoy. 


ching said...

Mike Chang and that body...whew.
glad to know i also found someone else that find's Rachel's mouth so distracting..haha but she's in broadway. so she is forgiven, kinda.

darksphere said...

Woah that picture of Sam is ♥! Actually, I got annoyed with his mouth. But his beautiful rendition of Billionaire made up for it.. haha!

aka Procne said...

@Ching. The Random Asian Dude has bloomed. Not that his new Abs wasn't crying enough for attention. Happy to hear him say more than two words at a time.

@Mai. He kind of reminds me of Leclec's pouty lips. Weird. The first time I saw him, Leclec came to mind.

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