Monday, July 12, 2010

Redecorating With Dramatic Pieces

DIY designing is not easy. I had this first hand when we moved in to our newly-renovated house. And my, there were a lot of things to consider. My ideas contradicts those of my parents. I am inclined more to contemporary minimalism while earthy tones suit their appeal. I never knew interior designing is such a headache for newbs like us who rely on books, magazines and online help since we cannot afford to hire an interior designer anymore. 

There are a myriad of things to consider that suddenly comes up one after the other as soon as you put one piece in your canvass that is your home.  The color of the walls, the flooring, the furniture and their placing, the accessories, the paintings (still a plan), the lighting fixtures and getting them all together in harmony should be well thought out. Else, you end up having a home with mismatched pieces and an uncomfortable living space. 

Among all these, I learned one of the basic points one must give emphasis to in DIY designs. The lighting fixtures. That alone creates a major overhaul to a once dull space. One big lamp may have a dramatic effect in your living space. I swear. Believe me on this. If you feel your room is missing something, shop for unique, eye-catching fixtures for a quick design fix. Our main living area felt a bit off at first until Dad purchased a contemporary chandelier. Every visitor who comes in gave praises about it asking where we got it. Dad purchased ours from a local department store (and he got a sweet deal too) but I found contemporary pieces at Quoizel lighting. They have a wide range of designs for every space and for every theme and ambiance you are going for. I kind of regret I did not chance upon this site before.

 This could have gone well in our living room.
 It's cute and flamboyant!

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shalla said...

*nods* interior designing is a headache, indeed! i leave those work to the adults. ;3

the chandelier looks superb! it's soo my style.

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