Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First Online Purchase! Ever!

Like any other first timers, I hesitate purchasing anything online. My concerns in this area include being hoodwinked and the delivery not making it at my doorstep. Patience is a gift I am unfortunate not to possess; still working on it at the moment. Facebook however slowly diminished my fears. The growing number of online sellers on facebook and satisfied customers encouraged me. One day, I said to myself, 'What the hell. Let's give it a try!'. And so, I tried ebay. My Nokia 5730 slider phone needed a casing. I've been looking for one for ages but nothing fits. Too unique, I say? Haha, perhaps. But anyway, I made my first purchase for a crystal casing for a cheap price of $3 with shipping. Currently, it's on its way to my doorstep! And I'm excited to receive the parcel.

There's just something with parcels. Receiving parcels are like the feeling you get on Christmas. You cannot wait to tear the wrapper and hold the stuff with your bare hands. Same feeling I got when I received the Sunsilk Damage Repair Kit.

It does not end there. I purchased a something else from a Filipina seller. Never used G-cash my entire life and today, for the first time, I did. Went to the mall and sent her my payment. Tomorrow she will ship the products and will hopefully arrive in three days.

Are you a newb like me? Don't know how to send G-cash to sellers? Here's what I did.

Step 1. Prepare the exact amount you intend to send.
Step2. Be sure to bring a valid ID. As for me, I brought two just in case.

Step3. Go to GCash outlets. If there is a Globe center near you, better make your transaction there as they don't charge you with fees WHEN SENDING GCASH. (I don't know though on CONVERTING GCASH TO CASH)

Step4. Fill up the form with necessary details they give you.

Step5. Wait for your turn. Hand in the money, valid ID and the form. And it should be done in less than a minute.



~tHiAmErE~ said...

i agree with what you said,hun
there's something about receiving packages that makes online purchasing so enjoyable..the only drawback is the waiting time.

i have no trouble with that when i purchase things locally... but when i buy things from different countries that's a different matter.

some parcels takes a month at the most to arrive. There was even a time when i bought something from the US..or is that UK?..where it took like 6 months...
what the fudge?!

aside from worrying so much if your parcel will safely arrive the customs will charge you will horrendous tax... but then it's worth the wait when you receive your packages from a different country...believe me.


aka Procne said...

I received my parcel from HK after 14 days, 2 weeks! For a cellphone accessory. Jeez. But, just what you said, it was worth the wait. The excitement you feel as you tear the package and eagerly hold the product. You can't help but smile in spite of yourself.

The seller was so nice too. The purchase I made locally arrived in just three days.

The experience diminished my initial fear in purchasing online. I THINK I'M HOOKED. And so will my Mom too as soon as she makes her first purchase! ;p

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