Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mean It When You Say It

If I could ask God for something, it'll be the ability to get a hold of myself, get a hold of my thoughts and get a hold of my tongue. They pierce and they hurt. But I take consolation in the fact that they are true. I don't say it to intentionally hurt anyone. I say it to let one know I am feeling over their actions and how I actually see them. In every relationship, I believe an open line of communication is a key to make it last. Why not say what you're thinking before it builds up and slowly eat your sincere willingness to listen and reason objectively to his or her side of the story? Whenever I do though, most often than not, people see it the wrong way. I come too strong, as they say. That is why, I have learned (albeit my vibrant and talkative demeanor) to keep delicate thoughts to myself. Justify Full

How weird. I would like to hear for myself how they feel and think about me. Oh well. We all have our differences. Can do nothing with that. Whatever it is, for me, if I dislike something or someone, I'd steer away from them. As much as I can, I avoid pretenses. I am civil but that's how far things go.

I hate conflicts. Really hate it. Especially when you talk it out with close-minded and self-righteous persons. Frustrating. Bad for the health and creates unmerited stress. Either way, you lose. I wish they don't work that way but no, they do. Life loves to hurl conflicts and they seldom end up nicely. Both parties, after talking, would surely stick with what they initially thought making the whole point of meeting and talking pointless.

*sigh* I just leave it all to Divine Intervention. Leave it all in the past and hope for better future! What has pas has past they say. And for now, that cliche should suffice and realign my focus and energy to midterm exams this week. Bumpy ride ahead.

To last week's conflict which gave us unmerited stress, worry and hurt.. this is all I got to say..


flipt said...

i could never say my opinion about others out loud...i'm such a pussy... x_x especially when it's something negative...

that's some statement right there, though (the pic).. haha!

aka Procne said...

We're exact opposites. I find it hard not telling them. I always think they should know. Oh well, im learning to reign it in at the moment.

The picture was taken at the height of it all. I thought things out, decided to leave it at that, move on and took this in response to the drama last week. LOL

flipt said...

...that's a wrap... haha!

...there are a lot of people in the world who need to be told about what's what...i think it's good that people like u exist; the one's who can speak their mind and make people realize to mellow down a lil bit coz they're going overboard... :)

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